Each week, expat Kiwis tell us what they most love about living by Queensland's beaches. Today we hear from artist Geoff Dixon.

The best cultural activity in the area is Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, an ideal opportunity
to appreciate and purchase Aboriginal and Torres Strait art.

If you are looking to immerse yourself in indigenous culture, don't miss the Laura Dance Festival. Be prepared to rough it for three days (campervan is best).

The Cairns Show is about the only time you get a true idea of the extent of multiculturalism here.

Kiwis looking for a refreshing swim should keep in mind that although all the beaches are pretty amazing, these environments are shared by saltwater crocs and, seasonally, irukandji and box jellyfish.


Cairns Esplanade lagoon is popular with tourists but the best waterhole for me is Mossman Gorge, including a magnificent rainforest walk and Indigenous visitors' centre and gallery.

Perrotta's, at Cairns Regional Gallery, offers reasonably priced lunches and dinner. I always recommend or take visitors to Marinades Indian Restaurant.

If you're having a quieter day, try a picnic at Crystal Cascades but any of the northern beaches are great. Take local seafood for your picnic.

Local fruit and veg are also wonderful. Rusty's Market is the place to see this. It is a local landmark and an incredible indicator of the area's cultural mix right down to Papua New Guinea women selling betel nut.

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