Megan Singleton rounds up some of the best apps to keep kids amused on long trips.

Once you've exhausted Old MacDonald had a Farm and I Spy, and before you hear the dreaded "are we there yet?", download these five apps on to your phone or tablet and pass it over to the back seat for a peaceful journey.

Skyscanner has just released its list of apps for keeping the kids amused on a trip.

Tip: Make sure you turn off the in-app purchase option lest little Isabella starts racking up a hefty bill.

1. Little Fox Music Box ($3.99)


Okay, so this one is not for peace and quiet. It's a singalong app that also allows your budding star to record their own voice karaoke-style and play it back, adding croaking frogs and rattling pots and pans for percussion.

2. Sago Mini Monsters ($3.79)

This one would be great on a plane as it's silent. In fact, not even words on a screen and suitable for kids of all ages. They design and colour their own monster, watch it come alive, feed it goo and, most importantly, brush its teeth at the end.

3. Toca Lab ($3.79)

Great for your junior scientist to steer their penchant for blowing things up into effects on the tablet. They meet the elements from the periodic table and get to try out experiments. Each element has its own character. They can mix them, heat them with a bunsen burner, spin them and occasionally they'll go "bang"!

4. Minecraft ($8.99)

If your 10-year-old isn't already hooked on this game, they soon will be. (Is that a good thing?) Limited only by their imagination, children create an avatar and build and destroy various kinds of blocks made out of any material they like. A treehouse made of wool? A battle with a diamond sword? There are levels to progress through and a new version has just been released.

5. Fifa 14 (free)


Officially licensed to the 2014 Fifa World Cup, this is best played on a tablet for swiping the screen. You create your fantasy team by building your squad, buying and trading players, practising penalty kicks and choosing your play style, then pit your team against others using touch controls to pass, shoot and tackle. It has in-app purchases, so either disable before you hand your device over or keep your password a secret for bribery later.

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