The real cost of holidaying is being calculated with a new tool measuring the affordability of hotel club sandwiches around the world.

The Club Sandwich Index (CSI) assesses the costs associated with a destination by using the common hotel menu item as a barometer.

The index was calculated by comparing the prices paid by guests for a club sandwich in 30 cities around the world.

Travellers will be able to gauge their holiday expenses in Paris, for example, by seeing how much they'll be paying on average for the classic chicken, bacon, egg, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich.


To create the index, collated club sandwich prices in 750 hotels across 26 countries.

Hotels from the five, four and three-star category were surveyed.

The most expensive club sandwiches cost an average of £20.43 (NZ$42) and can be found in Paris, France.

Sandwiches in Geneva, Switzerland, were only slightly cheaper, coming in on average at a price of £20.10 ($41.30).

Canberra in Australia took eighth position with a club sandwich costing £12.20 ($25) on average.

The same chicken, bacon and bread double-decker costs an average of £10.45 ($21.50) in the self-proclaimed home of the club sandwich - New York.

The cheapest place to order the sandwich is in New Delhi, India, with an average price of £5.91 ($12.15).