Key Points:

Do you travel light or heavy?

I try to pack light. I love the idea, so for long trips I limit myself to one medium-sized case. I manage to pack so much into it, it always ends up weighing a tonne and I curse myself, or rather my fiance does, throughout the trip as we lug it around.

Cattle or first class?


Cattle mostly, although we have been trying premium economy lately. I'm not sold on the concept, it's nothing like business and not much more comfortable than economy.

At least when flying economy you know you're getting to your destination as cheaply as possible.

I can't travel without ...

My To Sir With Love travel scarf. It's more like a blanket, so cosy and soft. There's nothing worse than those scratchy blankets at the back of the plane seats.

What type of suitcase do you carry?


What's always in your hand luggage?

Vanity Fair, finally a chance to get to all those juicy and lengthy articles I never get around to reading at home.


Are you a planner or a last-minute packer?


What's the best thing you've brought back from a trip?

Tea. I love drinking and preparing it. The flavour and smell always reminds me of my travels. From our last trip to Shanghai, we came home with beautiful flower tea. I always buy Ladurée house blend tea when in Europe.

What's your favourite or most exciting airport to land in?

The old Hong Kong airport was perhaps the most exciting, literally flying through the city to get there. The new airport is one of my favourites for efficiency and comfort.

Best travel tip?

Pack light.

Most memorable trip?

On a flight from LA to London our big plane had to turn around and land on a tiny air strip in a Nova Scotia forest so a sick boy could get medical attention. There was nowhere at the end of the runway for such a large plane to turn.

After a while we literally did a 180-degree turn on a dime. Who knew a jumbo jet could do that?

What do you do while on the plane?

Read, watch movies and avoid talking to strangers.

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