It didn't take long for the haters to zone in on Maria Folau, wife of the world's most wanted, greedy person, who yesterday had his GoFundMe page shut down.

Quick question (given the terms and conditions appear relatively clear cut): how is it that the GoFundMe people who were so full of LGBT free love and kindness yesterday in closing it down were not in the office last week when the page was launched - and quite clearly stated this is for legal purposes in a job scrap? Why did it take four days for them to wake up to their own rules?

One can also ask the Folau camp: how is it they didn't check the terms and conditions to see whether all this was kosher?


But back to Mrs Folau, otherwise known as Maria. Is this her problem? And is this something that someone like Netball New Zealand need to deal with?

No. Why? Because she is not her husband, she didn't break her contract, she didn't get sacked, she hasn't been in front of a hearing, she doesn't preach in church, and she isn't Israel.

Does she support him? Apparently yes. But support doesn't actually mean the specifics of what her husband is in the gun for. Support can mean you support the one you love, you support the fight.

The same way in very broad terms I support his overarching view that employers need to be questioned around what they can and can't demand of employees. Something the government of Australia seems to support.

So does that support mean we are all in the gun too? And doesn't that in fact go to the very free speech of which we talk of? Why isn't Maria allowed to say what she wants? Given what she has said so far is not illegal, offensive, or egregious.

In many respects ACT's David Seymour is right, free speech is under attack. And it's under attack by those who think they're better than us, brighter than us, and generally of the left. They want to tell you what's right and what isn't, what's acceptable and what's not.

You'll note the first time Seymour floated his free speech policy he was asked if that means he supports white supremacists. That's the sort of cheap crap were dealing with.

Maria Folau is her own person, which is another irony. Half the haters who want her sanctioned or sacked would on a different day being baying for blood over her being treated as a martial accoutrement to her husband. "Why can't she speak her own mind?" Can't you hear them arguing that?


But for now it doesn't suit their cause. For now she can be handily bundled into the same Folau package of hate and repression.

She no more deserves sacking than I do. You'll note so far Netball Australia, Netball South Australia, and Netball New Zealand have done exactly nothing.

Why? Because there is nothing to see here.