Armed police have turned away South Auckland residents from entering their street tonight, as they respond to a dispute between "parties known to each other".

Police were called to the dispute on Pukaki Rd, Mangere, around 6.30pm today, and have been working to speak to those involved.

Police confirmed cordons had been put in place across Pukaki Rd, but noted there were no reported injures from the incident.

The cordons were lifted later in the evening.


A police spokesperson said armed police were there as a precaution.

A Pukaki Rd resident, who wished not to be named, said they were turned away from entering their street by armed police at its T-intersection with Cyclamen Rd around 6.30pm.

"There were only a few cars but they [police] were turning them around and telling them go away," the resident said.

"There was one cop car on the road, and an armed officer in the middle of the road just turning people away. They didn't give any more information."

The resident then returned to enter their street around 7.30pm tonight and witnessed several people apparently being arrested by police.

"There were at least three police cars there. There was this van with some people in it and they were yelling at them to get out of the van slowly and walk over, and they actually arrested them," the resident said.

"They were still turning people away. After they arrested the people I left and went further down the road."