The Chase is a four-day Herald series looking at police pursuits and fleeing drivers. Since January 2008 there have been more than 30,000 pursuits, hundreds of crashes and 79 deaths. The series runs from Monday to Thursday ahead of a joint review of pursuits by police and the IPCA which will be released on Friday.

In the last decade police have engaged in more than 30,000 pursuits of fleeing drivers.

Many of those involved - and other innocent road users caught up in the chases and their aftermath - were killed during the often high-speed incidents.

The Herald has compiled a list of many of those killed as a result of pursuits.


The list includes drivers who have fled police and died in crashes or who have been shot by police at the end of the pursuit.

The list is not exhaustive but it paints a grim picture of the lives lost in the last 10 years when drivers flee, and police chase.

Some names of the dead have been suppressed and cannot be published. Others have not been released.

February 2008, Timaru
Vianne Shead, 18, passenger

March 2008, East Tamaki
Ritchie Nehua Angell, 20, driver

May 2008, Dargaville
Dion Martin, 18, driver

July 2008, Featherston
Peter Kotsifakis, 18, driver of stolen car

July 2008, Titahi Bay
Sergeant Derek Wootton, 52, killed while attempting to lay road spikes

October 2008, Christchurch
David Fowler, 52, motorbike rider

March 2009, West Auckland
Robert Alaiula, 14, passenger of stolen car

December 2009, Palmerston North
Martyn Dillon, 22, stolen motorbike

January 2010, Wellington
Leith David Barnes, 28, motorbike

February 2010, Picton
Chase Glen Neary aka Buckton, 21, motorbike

February 2010, Murchison
Ricky Allan Forbes, passenger

March 2010, Puketaha
Israel Maki Tane Porter, 27, driver

May 2010, Palmerston North
Jason Luke Downes, 25, driver

June 2010, Christchurch
Troy Peter Mackay, 22, driver

July 2010, Christchurch
Tama Regan Dobson aka Wikiriwhi, 27, driver
Shannon Daoudihemira Smiler, 26, passenger
Karleane Marie Magon, 20, passenger

August 2010, Christchruch
Deidre Jordan, 67
Norm Fitt, 73
The friends died when their car was hit by fleeing driver Phillip Bannan at a red light

September 2010, Onehunga
Jaycheree Makakea, 20, passenger
Joseph Tawhai, 20, passenger

October 2010, Te Puke
Harley Kendrick Sean Wilson, 21, driver, stolen car
Michael Adam Kaui Keepa, 25, passenger

December 2010, Mangere
Api Kao Aue, 33, driver

December 2010, Flat Bush
Georgina Cherish Stone-Te Haara, 20, passenger in stolen vehicle

January 2011, Auckland Southern Motorway
Timoti Mohi, 15, driver of stolen car

April 2011, Taipa
Luke John Bowman Yates, 22, driver

July 2011, Pukekohe
Caine Christopher Burgess, 20, driver stolen car

September 2011, Hobsonville
Sina Naraghizadeh, 18, stolen car

October 2011, Manaia
Robert Seifert, 36, driver

The three victims of the crash - from left - driver Dylan Kingi, Holly Kay Gunn and Peter Bunyan. Photos / Facebook
The three victims of the crash - from left - driver Dylan Kingi, Holly Kay Gunn and Peter Bunyan. Photos / Facebook

July 2012, Gisborne
Dylan Kingi, 28, driver
Peter Bunyan, 27, passenger
Holly Gunn, 25, passenger

November 2012, Katikati
James Dean Miles, 18, stolen car

February 2013, Hamilton
Rocky Joe Kohatu Hepi, 17, stolen car

February 2013, Christchurch
Ethan Dallas Takitimu-McKenzie, 15, passenger in stolen car

May 2013, Mangere
Dominic Stehlin, 19, driver - unlicenced and forbidden
Viane Gaga, 18, passenger
Uesetini To'o To'o, 18, passenger
George Lomia, 20, passenger

November 2013, Wanganui
Ayla Nelson-Boyd, 21, driver

January 2014, Greymouth
Judd Hall, 26, passenger

August 2014, Papatoetoe
Steven Te Pania, passenger

July 2015, Hamilton
Nathan William Nolan, 29, motorbike rider

May 2015, Wanganui
Calum John Meyer, 25, driver

January 2016, Featherston
Hoani Korewha, 15, passenger in stolen car
Pacer Willacy-Scott, 15, passenger in stolen car

January 2016, Papatoetoe
Eden Nathan, 16, passenger in stolen car

May 2016, Porirua
Female - name suppressed , 21, passenger

August 2016, Rotorua
Moana Matthews, 17, driver

September 2016, Mt Roskill
Vinal Kavit Naidu, 31, motorbike rider

January 2017, Manukau
Eden Hoey, 32, driver

March 2017, Bulls
Hayden Tahau, 26, motorbike rider

April 2017, Mangere
Rahiri Iehu-Moetara, 27, passenger

July 2017, Mangere
Male, 57, motorbike rider

July 2017
Male, 33, details not published

August 2017
Shannon-Dean Ford, 39, driver

August 2017, Hamilton
Conrad Tuhua, 18, driver

September 2017, Hamilton
Shane Hohepa-Lennane, 27, passenger

September 2017, Gisborne
Ryan Glen Chrisp, 22, passenger

October 2017, St Lukes
Connor Talaimanu, 29, passenger
Sharina Storm Meuli, 25, passenger

October 2017, Otara
Morrocco Tai, 15, passenger in stolen car

March 2018, Nelson
Johnathon Tairakena, 25, driver
Phillip Jamie Stretch, 33, passenger
Carmen Marie Yanko, 53, innocent driver hit by fleeing car

May 2018, Palmerston North
Ihaia McPhee Maxwell, 15, driver, stolen car
Meadow James, 12, passenger

May 2018, Wellington
Bailey Patmore, 15, in boot of stolen car

May 2018, New Plymouth
Phillip Allan Taylor, 32, driver of stolen car

November 2018, Christchurch
Alexia Chrissy-Marie Noble-Hazelwood, 18, passenger

Renee Percy and Dennis William Tunnicliffe were killed during a police pursuit when their car crashed.
Renee Percy and Dennis William Tunnicliffe were killed during a police pursuit when their car crashed.

December 2018, Christchurch
Dennis Tunnicliffe, 25, driver
Renee Percy, 35, pregnant passenger

January 2019, Christchurch
Glen Mcallister, 16, believed to be driver of stolen car
Craig Mcallister, 13, believed to be passenger
Brooklyn Taylor, 13,believed to be passenger

Two brothers Craig Mcallister, 13, and Glen Mcallister, 16, died during a pursuit in Christchurch. Photo / Givealittle
Two brothers Craig Mcallister, 13, and Glen Mcallister, 16, died during a pursuit in Christchurch. Photo / Givealittle

February 2019
A man police had been trying to locate because of fears for his safety was killed after crashing into a truck while fleeing officers in Hawke's Bay. During the pursuit the man crossed the centre line and collided with an oncoming truck.

The following people died during or following police pursuits but were not involved in vehicle crashes:

January 2009, Auckland
Halatau Naitoko, accidentally shot by police during pursuit of Stephen Hohepa McDonald

March 2011
Lachan Kelly-Tumarae, 19, shot by police following a pursuit

July 2013, Auckland Northern Motorway
Caleb Dean Henry, 20, shot by police following pursuit

September 2016, Auckland
Alaric Eccleston, 31 - jumped off Harbour Bridge during pursuit

March 2018, Puhoi
Jerrim Toms, 26, driver shot by police following pursuit (not a crash)

February 2019, Kawerau
Astin Cruz Hooper, 29, shot by police after pursuit