A basket stretcher stolen from event medical specialists at the Shapeshifter concert at Black Barn Vineyard last Friday was found discarded in nearby bushes two days later, just as the group's second show was about to get under way.

The stretcher belongs to Medics on Scene, and disappeared about the time the show ended, managing director Nathan Thompson said.

A search of the site that night and on Saturday morning failed to find any trace of the orange stretcher.

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Facebook appeals by the company, police and even the headline act, while gleaning some information, also failed to help locate the equipment.

Thompson said the Sunday concert was just about to start when promoter Francis de Jager "zipped up on his golf cart to give me the good news".

"He had found it amongst some hedges beyond the tennis courts at one of the properties along Black Barn Rd whilst dealing with a lighting issue," Thompson said.

"All up a great night. Stretcher back where it belongs, awesome music and very few injuries to deal with."

The stretcher was of a type not commonly pressed into action at such events, and two others were available, but it was an essential item the next day when the company was providing medical services for equestrian and cycling events.

Fortunately, they had back up for those events, Thompson said.