A Shapeshifter concert-goer came away with more than ringing ears and good memories on Friday night after a stretcher was stolen.

The key piece of medical equipment was taken from the Medics On Scene team at Black Barn Vineyards near Havelock North this weekend.

Eastern District Police, Medics On Scene and Shapeshifter have all appealed for the thief to "do the right thing" and return the stretcher.

"No doubt someone has had a bit of fun but this is a much-needed piece of equipment," Eastern District Police wrote on Facebook.


"Do the right thing and give it back or let us know where it is. PM us or Medics on Scene on FB."

This stretcher was stolen from the Medics On Scene team on Friday night at the Shape Shifter concert and is still...

Posted by Eastern District Police on Saturday, 20 October 2018

Medics On Scene said on Facebook yesterday morning the concert went really well for them until someone decided to steal the bright orange, seven-foot stretcher.

"This bit of equipment is vital for our patient retrieval," they wrote.

"Someone must have seen if being taken. It's 7 feet long and bright orange! It can't fit in a pocket.

"Please help us get this back. Our Medical Director's details are on it with an address for its return."

Even the concerts headline act got involved and made a public appeal, writing someone "crossed a line" on the event's Facebook page.

"Hey a bit of fun is all good but someone has nicked this from the medics at the gig yesterday and crossed a line. Not cool."