Amanda Richards has been shedding tears throughout the day as she suffers from Trumpression.

Originally from America but living in New Zealand for about seven years, Richards spent a tearful evening in JJ Murphy's pub in Wellington on Wednesday night as the election results rolled in.

Today was not much better for the Clinton supporter.

"It was a pretty long, rough day and I definitely shed some tears at work."


She won't be the only one feeling devastated today, with a psychologist confirming Trumpression is a real phenomenon.

Richards said co-workers, including non-Americans, had been coming to her throughout the day to see how she was doing with news Trump won the US presidency.

"I think we need one day or mourning and then I think it's time to start working towards making things better."

American expat Amanda Richards is suffering from Trumpression. Photo / Melissa Nightingale
American expat Amanda Richards is suffering from Trumpression. Photo / Melissa Nightingale

But Richards didn't expect to stay in her state of depression forever.

"I tend to be a very positive person. I think that pouring my despair into activism is the only way to get through. I think that a week from now I will feel more focused on the work that needs to be done."

Democrats Abroad chairwoman Kat Allikian also seemed to be suffering from Trumpression as she told the Herald she had seen better days.

"I'm absolutely gutted.

"It hasn't hit me entirely yet. But it's coming and I saw it happen to people last night who dissolved to tears."

Trumpression was a "pretty apt" term to explain how members felt, said Allikian.

"It sickens me to think about the consequences. The implications of this will resonate for decades.

"I am worried and embarrassed that this is how my fellow Americans believe."

Members of Allikian's family in America reiterated how lucky she was to be in New Zealand, over email today.

Allikian is encouraging people to take heart that America has "weathered troubled times in the past" and will continue to do so.