The man responsible for repeatedly leaving yoghurt lids on the window of an Auckland art supplies store is making his sticky presence known a bit further afield.

The young man, known as Cool Yoghurt Guy, appears to have ramped up his offending this morning leaving a yoghurt lid on the window of Gordon Harris The Art & Graphic Store and on a pole on Symonds St directly across from the shop.

It's not art, it's littering - store unimpressed by 'Cool Yoghurt Guy'

The mystery surrounding Cool Yoghurt Guy's identity is growing with Auckland University of Technology's Debate magazine making it a quest to track him down.


Debate magazine sub-editor Amelia Petrovich has responded to his latest move by leaving him a new letter on a pole which says, "Hey, cool yoghurt guy, is this becoming a quest for Symonds St domination?" and asking him to get in contact with her.

Miss Petrovich said she had received about eight texts from people and anonymous calls in response to her notes and had a hunch one of them may have been Cool Yoghurt Guy, but could not be certain.

Miss Petrovich left her first note for him on the window beside the one from Gordon Harris last Friday with her number and asking him to get in touch.

Frustrated workers at Gordon Harris left a note on the store's window last week after realising the same person was leaving their yoghurt lids on the window three days every week for a month.

Gordon Harris branch manager Aaron King-Cole said the lids had been left at exactly the same time and it seemed to be a deliberate and regular act. "We felt pretty limited in way we could respond to him." The yoghurt was smeared on the window and took staff some time to clean off each morning.

Mr King-Cole said another lid had been left on the window this morning and said it was the "same miserable situation" with no sign of it stopping.

Gordon Harris' initial note to Cool Yoghurt Guy asked him to stop leaving his Meadow Fresh yoghurt lids on the window because it was not awesome or mysterious. CCTV footage showed the man was doing it at about 5.45am and carrying a gym bag.