An Auckland art supplies shop has had enough sticky lids on its window and has left the culprit, dubbed "Cool Yoghurt Guy", a message of its own.

The store stuck up its own note to a student who has been putting his yoghurt lids outside the window of Gordon Harris The Art & Graphic Store on Symonds St about three times a week.

The message asks the man, who appears to be a student carrying a gym bag, to stop leaving his Meadow Fresh yoghurt lids on the window because it is not awesome or mysterious.

The man had been littering for about a month and the only positive was that he was now sticking his lids on the sign instead of directly on the window, making it easier for workers to clean. The lids are left at about 5.45am.


The note has caught the attention of others; a sub-editor of Auckland University of Technology's Debate magazine has left the man another note with her number asking him to call her as she tries to get to the bottom of what is going on. She tweeted, "unfortunately Cool Yoghurt Guy is braver with his Berry Bliss lids than his texts".

The photo was posted by Damian Christie on Twitter this morning, but the identity of Cool Yoghurt Guy still remains a mystery.