Stories making headlines around the regions today include a Northland mum's camper van boycott and masked raiders with a boozy preference.

This Northland mum is leading a boycott of Wicked Campers while Northern Advocate editor Craig Cooper says the company's 'humourous' slogans cross the line.

Two masked raiders made off with bottles of booze after a break-in in Masterton. Do you know the culprits?
Maori taonga with immense cultural and monetary value were stolen from a rural settlement in the Hawke's Bay.

A Wanganui man has been sent to prison after occupants of a Wanganui home awoke to find him standing at the foot of their bed.


Small gestures of love will soon make a huge difference for children at Starship Hospital in Auckland. Find out how to contribute here.

A box car derby of the creative kind delighted 500 children in the Bay of Plenty yesterday.

More than 500 children from 20 Bay of Plenty Kidicorp centres took their cardboard cars along to the Kidicorp Box Car Derby.

among other athletes from all around the world to compete at the inaugural Gallipoli Games.