Aside from the Herald and the app, Nikki Preston looks at other great summer apps.

Waterkeeper Swim Guide

Swimmers can make sure they are plunging into the cleanest swimming spots in New Zealand with the Waterkeeper Swim Guide app. It provides water-quality information for more than 600 New Zealand beaches and swimming holes. It follows a traffic light system with green indicating the water is clean for swimming and meets water quality criteria and red meaning it has failed the test.

How to find:

Drowsy Driver app

An educational app with tips on what to do to get home safely if you start to feel like nodding off at the wheel. The app includes a 15-minute power nap timer to help recharge the batteries before continuing on the journey. It was launched earlier this month.

How to find: Type Akilla into either Google Play, iPhone or Windows.


Healthline Symptom Checker

Aimed to reduce the number of people lining up at emergency departments over the holidays, the app allows people to enter their symptoms on a body map or search for the problem by name from a list. The courses of action are then suggested and could be anything from calling an ambulance, visiting the doctor or managing it from home. Contact details and emergency numbers are also on the app.

How to find: or direct from the Apple app store.

MarineMate app with VHF channels

This will help boaties stay safe with the addition of VHF radio channels added to the data available through MarineMate. The app gives boaties information such as speed limits, mooring zones, towing access lanes, boat ramp locations, local area notices and tides for any region in New Zealand.

How to find: Type MarineMate into either Google Play or the Apple app store.

Fish 4 All app

This recreational fishing app helps fishers keep track of what they have caught and compare catches with others. The app, built for marine or freshwater fishing, has also been developed to help assist the ministry with the sustainable management of the sport by collecting information on demographics, catches, fishing methods and overall catch per unit of time statistics by region.

How to find:

iHeartRadio app

iHeartRadio lets listeners stream a selection of radio stations from New Zealand, Australia and the US. The app allows users to create commercial-free custom stations with music by artists of their choice. An updated version of the app has been launched this week.

How to find: Type iHeartRadio into Google Play or the Apple app store.


Note: Apps free to download.