More than 8000 insurance claims have been logged by central New Zealand residents since the July and August quakes.

Latest figures from the Earthquake Commission show about 5200 claims were received in relation to the two July quakes.

About 3000 more were logged following last month's tremors.

A breakdown of the figures show about a third came from residents in Marlborough, Tasman and Nelson. The rest were from the Greater Wellington region.


Eighty per cent of claims were made for damage to buildings.

Commission chief executive Ian Simpson previously said the overall cost of the quakes was likely to amount to $100 million.

A spokeswoman said today it was too early to determine the total dollar value of the logged claims.

EQC claims from July and August quakes:

* 78% for building damage

* 8% building and contents damage

* 7% contents only

* 4% building and land

* 2% land only

* 1% building, contents and land

Source: EQC