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Teuila Fuatai

  • 10 Apr, 2015 5:00am
  • 4 minutes to read
Buying a house on the city's outskirts can save Aucklanders up to $50,000 each year in mortgage repayments, despite the added commuting costs.

Lecturer's brother fell 400m to his death

  • 9 Apr, 2015 12:30pm
  • 3 minutes to read
A New Zealand-based lecturer is mourning the loss of his brother who was killed after falling down a 400m cliff while exploring caves in Morocco.
  • 7 Apr, 2015 5:00am
  • 3 minutes to read
Mils Muliaina is continuing to train with his professional Irish team, despite an allegation of sexual assault hanging over his head, his agent has confirmed.

Blues player apologises to Jono

  • 1 Apr, 2015 10:14am
  • 2 minutes to read
A comedian got more than he bargained for when he joined the Auckland Blues rugby team for training - and one player has apologised over the incident.

Affordable homes: Best & worst regions

  • 1 Apr, 2015 5:00am
  • 3 minutes to read
Mortgage payments for Auckland's most affordable homes are costing first-time buyers nearly half their take-home pay each week, a new report shows.
  • 31 Mar, 2015 5:00am
  • 3 minutes to read
Batsmen should be able to leave the cricket field without "tasteless" send-offs, former Black Cap and cricketing commentator Mark Richardson says.

Animal welfare group targets 'puppy mills'

  • 30 Mar, 2015 7:24pm
  • 3 minutes to read

Kiwis gear up for the World Cup showdown

  • 27 Mar, 2015 5:00am
  • 3 minutes to read
Thousands of Black Caps supporters are expected to head to fanzones around New Zealand to support their heroes on Sunday.

Litany of failures in Roast Busters case

  • 20 Mar, 2015 5:00am
  • 4 minutes to read
The mishandling of a school yard incident where a young woman was bullied by an alleged sexual offender are among a litany of police failures.

Formula tested amid tampering fears

  • 19 Mar, 2015 8:58am
  • 6 minutes to read
Police are testing infant formula after a number of tins were found with pin-pricks in packaging lids.

X Factor: 'Many sides to this story'

  • 18 Mar, 2015 6:40pm
  • 4 minutes to read
Axed X Factor judges Willy Moon and Natalia Kills have fled the country, and the duo put on a united front when spotted by photographers at Los Angeles Airport.

Family of four killed in air crash

  • 17 Mar, 2015 5:00am
  • 3 minutes to read
Four bodies - believed to be from the same family - were last night recovered from the wreckage of a light aircraft near Wanaka.

X Factor: NRL star takes shot

  • 17 Mar, 2015 5:00am
  • 3 minutes to read
League star Benji Marshall has weighed in on the axing of controversial X Factor NZ judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon after they humiliated a contestant.

Vanuatu - dozens feared dead

  • 16 Mar, 2015 5:00am
  • 4 minutes to read
Dozens are feared dead on Vanuatu and up to 10,000 are homeless in the wake of Cyclone Pam.
  • 12 Mar, 2015 11:13am
  • 8 minutes to read
The giant kauri at the centre of a protest in West Auckland will be allowed to stay, it's been revealed in an open letter released by the properties' owners.

Fury over formula threat

  • 11 Mar, 2015 5:00am
  • 10 minutes to read
Threats to contaminate infant formula with 1080 pesticide have been described as despicable and sick - but have caused more outrage than fear.
  • 6 Mar, 2015 5:00am
  • 2 minutes to read
International tourists keen to make the most of New Zealand's stellar summer spent $251 million in the country last month, latest figures show.