Netball New Zealand has announced a three-person panel, led by Auckland lawyer and experienced sports director Don Mackinnon, will review the disastrous Silver Ferns' campaign at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Two independent members, Team New Zealand chief operating officer, round the world and America's Cup yachtsmen Kevin Shoebridge, along with former Silver Fern, Pasifika community leader and general manager of Duffy Books in Homes Linda Vagana, have been appointed by the NNZ board to join Mackinnon in examining the performance of the team.

"We were extremely disappointed with the results at the Commonwealth Games and need to understand what influenced the team's performance," NNZ board chair Allison Ferguson said.

"We believe a thorough independent review is needed if we're to get it right for the future of the Silver Ferns and we are thrilled with the quality of the panel we have been able to secure."


Mackinnon, chair of the review panel, said the process would be thorough and fair.

"Netball is an incredibly important part of the fabric of New Zealand sport and the sport should be applauded for having the courage to open themselves up to the scrutiny of an independent review," he said.

The trio will analyse all material aspects of the Silver Ferns' performance at the 2018 Commonwealth Games including the performance, preparation and planning; team strategy and tactics, resources committed to the campaign, leadership capability, selection policies and processes, team culture and stakeholder alignment.

The review will cover the period from January 1, 2016, until now. The panel will be asked to identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign and any other material factors contributing to the Silver Ferns' results.

They will also be asked to identify any other relevant areas that may have contributed to the performance of the Silver Ferns including high performance pathways, competition structures and alignment with the zones and franchises.

The review process will include Silver Ferns coaches, management and athletes, NNZ management and board members, ANZ Premiership franchise coaches, New Zealand Netball Players' Association, High Performance New Zealand and key influencers to netball as determined by the panel.

A peer review will take place at the completion of the panel's findings to ensure the appropriate questions have been asked in all areas.

Former Silver Ferns captain Tracey Fear, who has served in both Australia and New Zealand in the high performance netball sector, and High Performance Sport New Zealand's senior performance consultant Eddie Kohlhase will lead the peer review.


The review comes after the Ferns failed to medal at the Games for the first time, losing four games to finish fourth.

Under coach Janine Southby, the Ferns have won six of their past 18 games.

It is widely expected Southby, with an overall 51 per cent win record, will not survive the review.