David Seymour said goodbye to his dancing shoes for the final time this evening in the semi-final of Dancing with the Stars.

After surprising judges and viewers by advancing all the way to week nine, Seymour's time ran out after a dance-off with former Shortland Street star Shavaughan Ruakere.

After weeks of live performances and rehearsals, David said "I am so proud of what I have achieved. I thought I would be voted out in week one, and here we are in week nine. Spare a thought for poor Amelia. You are an absolute star."

"It has made me love New Zealand even more. For every person knocked me and the bullying... The way New Zealand has gotten behind us for giving it a go, and all the money going to Kidsline. It makes me love New Zealand even more."


Children's telephone counselling service Kidsline was David's charity of choice.

David Seymour awaits the judges final results.
David Seymour awaits the judges final results.

Judges Rachel White, Julz Tocker and Camilla Sacre-Dallerup scored tonight's dancers:

• Samantha Hayes with 27 points
• David Seymour with 18 points

Top moments from this evening:

Samantha Hayes

Hayes danced the tango which "suited her personality and character well" according to her dance partner Aaron.

Fans on social media thought she danced amazingly.

"The tango is like painting the ground with your feet," said Samantha.

"We grew up in Milton and reading the news at six was one of my dreams and Dancing with the Stars is just an icing on the cake," said a teary Hayes in her post-dance interview.


"Your legs and feet! Wow, it was intimate and hot and steamy. I loved it," said Camilla.

"I have loved your journey on the show. It is worthy of the grand final next week. You had everything in there," said Julz.

"I appreciated your authenticity. I can see the countless hours you put into this routine," said Rachel.

David Seymour

David and his partner Amelia dancing the quickstep to a Meghan Trainor song.

Fans enjoyed his efforts.

"Dave, well... you are like a lucky dip and we never know what we are going to get. You held a frame and you did everything you were told to do, well done," said Julz.

"I like to just say thank you. It was a very happy-go-lucky routine. It was pretty basic though," said Rachel.

"This is the semifinal now and many other people are doing much more complex routines. But David, good job," said Camilla.

Watch the final four stars take the dancefloor in the grand final on Three next Sunday evening.