The resources and oil sector says the rise of the Greens is forcing a change in its approach.

While the return of a National-led Government meant initiatives under way would continue, the success of the Green Party at the election was a "major" consideration.

"It's a signal that environmental issues are gaining in importance among some sectors of public opinion and in New Zealand generally. That's something we in the resource sector are taking account of and will be working more on across a broad front," said Bernie Napp, a senior policy analyst at resources umbrella group Straterra.

Several law changes affecting the sector were looming including Resource Management Act reform shortening the approval period for medium-scale projects, offshore drilling rules and a review of the Crown Minerals Act.


"It's business as usual, which is positive from our point of view. If you look at their post-election action plan anything there that relates to the resource sector is consistent with what the Government's been wanting to do over the past three years," said Napp.

The Government wants to pass legislation to manage the environmental effects of activities in New Zealand's exclusive economic zone and extended continental shelf.

The Crown Minerals Act review will result in a discussion document for consultation before the end of the year, with revised laws next year. Changes to streamline permitting and reduce the administration burden are looming.

John Pfahlert executive officer of the Petroleum Exploration and Production Association, said the industry did not not expect significant change.

"Even if there's a coalition with the Maori Party - with their views on offshore drilling - I don't think that will make much of a change to the way in which National approaches the issue."

Pfahlert also said the industry needed to be mindful to the growing support for the green cause.