Think you've seen Sydney? Megan Singleton rounds up some lesser-known highlights.

Learn to surf at Bondi

Being a surfie chick had always eluded me and I'm sorry to say, despite the best efforts of Let's Go Surfing based at Bondi Beach, it still is. However joining a group or one-on-one lesson is a great reason to hit the waves on this iconic beach - and hopefully you'll do better than me, aka Bridget Jones on the water. Here is my blog on the matter.

Roar and Snore at Taronga Zoo

Camping in safari tents in Taronga Zoo is probably the most unusual thing you can do in the bustling city of Sydney. Gone are the pup tents and in their place are luxury canvas accommodations with a double bed or singles. They can sleep up to four lucky souls who arrive after hours and get a sneaky tour of what the animals get up to after dark. Dinner and breakfast is included, as well as a behind the scenes tour the next morning before the zoo opens. Expect your sleep to be disrupted by wildlife.


Pub crawl in Darlinghurst

This is where the hipsters hang for a drink of an evening, but it wasn't always this way. Darlinghurst was once the area of town you avoided if you valued your life. It was ruled by razor gangs and brutal matriarchs, Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh, who are now immortalised in boutique bars and underground speakeasies. Take yourself on a crawl or book a tour with passionate foodie Ms Darlinghurst.

Berowra Waters lunch via sea plane

If this doesn't elicit a marriage proposal then you must already be married, or you should dump him! Fly from Rose Bay over Sydney Harbour in a sea plane along the northern beaches to the Hawkesbury River where a few exclusive restaurants hide. Berowra Waters Inn offers a decadent 9-course lunch or dinner that'll have you talking about it for the rest of your days. Here's my experience and photos of each course.


Charter a boat with your mates and go for a sunset cruise complete with canapés and wine on Sydney harbour. Or if you don't mind sharing with strangers, just book a regular tour to see the Opera House from water level and go bay hopping around Farm Cove, Woolloomooloo Bay and over to Taronga Zoo at Athol Bay.