Queensland chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young has shared some of the long-term effects of the virus after patients have been declared Covid-free.

In a video shared to Queensland Health's Twitter account, she explains that while coronavirus is a "mild" disease, people aren't fully recovered once they return a negative test.

"As we learn more about the virus, we're learning that for a reasonable number of people, they don't recover, they'll have long-term consequences from the disease," she said.

"That's because this virus doesn't just affect the lungs; unlike flu, this virus can affect every part of the body."


Victoria's daily coronavirus case number has dropped below 100; 94 new infections were recorded on Saturday, and 18 deaths.

The last time the state recorded fewer than 100 cases was 55 days ago on July 5.

The good news was overshadowed as the new deaths brought Victoria's overall toll from the virus to more than 500.

Deadly border call sparks fury

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is demanding answers over Queensland's controversial border restrictions after the death of one of a woman's unborn babies.

Kimberley Brown lives in Ballina, just south of the Queensland border, and had sought hospital treatment in the Sunshine State but was refused entry.

The babies had developed twin transfusion syndrome, which causes malnourishment if not treated.

The mum-to-be was forced to travel to Sydney instead and it was revealed yesterday that one of her unborn twins had died.

Just over a week earlier, in response to Brown's case, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk made the astonishing declaration that "Queensland hospitals are for Queenslanders".


"We need to get these principles established to ease the impact of these restrictions. we've got to put aside the disagreements we've had about this and get arrangements that can be workable and also protect people's health," Morrison said yesterday.

"There would need to be an extraordinary explanation in relation to [why] someone wouldn't be able to get medical treatment in this circumstance,"

He indicated the Federal Government was considering intervening to define at a national level what constitutes a coronavirus hotspot.

Palaszczuk extended her sympathies to Brown yesterday but said she didn't regret her remarks about the case last week.

"We are very, very compassionate in this state," she insisted.

Brown remains in hospital in Sydney.


Morrison yesterday indicated the Queensland border was unnecessary.

"While the scale of the Victorian outbreak meant the borders between NSW and Vic were regrettably necessary — and they are and remain so — this does not diminish the principle that border restrictions, especially where there are no or very low cases in regional areas, cannot and should not be sustained."