Ghislaine Maxwell is reportedly ready to give the FBI the names of people associated with the crimes she's accused of, in order to save herself.

People like Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton could potentially be "extremely worried right now", Steven Hoffenberg said.

Hoffenberg is a former business associate of Jeffrey Epstein's and believes Maxwell will be naming names if it means she can benefit from doing so.

"She's going to be naming some big names — not only in terms of those who abused underage girls at Epstein's parties — but also those who made financial agreements with Epstein or benefited from his generosity, including flying on his plane and staying at his homes" he said.


He also said that Maxwell was shocked to be arrested as she thought she was "untouchable".

"Ghislaine thought she was untouchable — that she'd be protected by the intelligence communities she and Jeffrey helped with information: the Israeli intelligence services, and Les Wexner, who has given millions to Israel; by Prince Andrew, President Clinton and even by President Trump, who was well-known to be an acquaintance of her and Epstein's," he said.

However, Laura Goldman, another Maxwell associate, believes she will protect Prince Andrew but might talk about others.

"Andrew helped launch Ghislaine into the New York social scene when she was nothing after the death of her father. She always saw him as a real friend," she said.

Hoffenberg, who reportedly was Epstein's mentor, working with him from 1987 to around 1993, spent 18 years in prison for a Ponzi scheme that he has claimed Epstein was part of.

"She's gone from the top of the mountain to the bottom of the sewer. She won't be able to handle jail — and she'll immediately start talking to try to get out of it," he said of Maxwell's arrest.