Isis has responded to the coronavirus threat by telling its terrorists to avoid Europe, according to a directive printed in the group's newsletter.

The Sunday Times reported that the al-Naba newsletter contained an instruction that the "healthy should not enter the land of the epidemic and the afflicted should not exit from it."

The newsletter goes on to describe Covid-19 as a "plague" and a "torment sent by God on whomsoever He wills".

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It also contains tips on hygiene, telling jihadis to "cover their mouths when yawning and sneezing" and to avoid infected persons "as you flee from the lion".

The instruction comes after years of Isis sending its terrorists into Europe to conduct terror attacks.

Pandemic puts Europe in lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect public life around the world, with more travel restrictions, more closures and rapidly growing caseloads in Europe, the new hotspot of the global outbreak.

The death toll in Spain, which is on a nationwide lockdown, doubled overnight, officials said Sunday. Other countries moved to close all nonessential businesses, introduce mandatory 14-day quarantines for inbound travelers and institute curfews.

The death toll in Italy from coronavirus has risen by 25 per cent in one day. The total number of fatalities in the European country, according to the Guardian, rose to 1809 on Sunday from 1441 a day earlier.

The total number of confirmed cases in Italy is now at 24,747.

Outside Vatican City, Italy has been in lockdown for a week as it suffers the worst of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe with more than 21,157 reported cases and at least 1,441 deaths. Public life has ground to a halt and masses have been cancelled, though churches remain open for individual prayer.

The coronavirus outbreak has had a striking effect on worshippers from all religions as social-distancing efforts and government-mandated suspensions of large gatherings force temples, churches and mosques to cancel services or temporarily close down.