Footage taken by a witness has captured the horrifying moment riders were dramatically flung from an amusement ride in Thailand, prompting police to shut it down.

Six people were injured after they were thrown from their seats on the pirate-themed ride called the "Crazy Wave" at a fair in Lopburi in central Thailand, the Bangkok Post reported.

Four riders were injured, including a 13-year-old girl who broke her leg, reports

Others who were taken to hospital with injuries have since returned home, the Post reported.


In the video, which was posted on Twitter, screams could be heard as the riders were tossed from their seats on the fast-moving ride.

One young rider could be seen landing on the ground and having a head wound tended by onlookers.

Others on the ride's platform could be seen trying to get away as the ride slowed to a stop.

Local police told the Post it appeared the operator of the ride simply forgot to lock the safety bars across riders' laps and failed to carry out a safety check on the ride.

One boy landed on the ground and managed to get up. Photo / Twitter
One boy landed on the ground and managed to get up. Photo / Twitter

Kissana Phathanacharoen, deputy spokesman of the Royal Thai Police, said legal action would likely be taken against those responsible.

The scary incident comes months after a British mother told how she had her "insides ripped apart" on a water slide during a family holiday.

Monu Bhagat, 38, travelled to Spain for a family holiday with her husband and two children but was left with an 8cm internal tear when the slide forced water inside her body.

She said the pain from the August incident was "unbearable".


"As I went down I felt a tight pull and to start with I thought I had a wedgie, but as I got out of the pool blood started pouring down my legs," she said.

"My daughter saw the blood and she was so scared.

"I knew that it couldn't be my period, but I tried to stay calm and not panic the children."