An ex-lover of the bodybuilder who went on a shotgun rampage in western Sydney sent a chilling text message warning to the mother of the woman whose house he shot up.

The woman claimed Daniel King — a heavily-tattooed bodybuilder who was shot dead by police last night — was plotting to kill her daughter's unborn baby, reports.

The 27-weeks pregnant woman who was targeted last night, Stacey Taylor, says the baby is King's.

King is alleged to have sent threatening texts to Taylor — telling her to "get an abortion" — before spraying her house with bullets and narrowly missing the 32-year-old, her parents and three children.


He then went on to shoot up two police stations in a rampage before he was shot dead outside a police station in western Sydney after he opened fire at several officers — hitting one in the back of the head.

Stacey Taylor said she hadn't seen Daniel King in seven months when he showed up at her home last night. Photo /
Stacey Taylor said she hadn't seen Daniel King in seven months when he showed up at her home last night. Photo /

Two months before the shooting, Taylor's mum Mandy was sent messages by another of King's ex-girlfriends — who was also pregnant with his child.

"We need to talk," the ex-lover wrote in August.

"Why do u need to (talk)?????" Mandy replied. "Are u going to msg … What is going on?"

"Wow do you even let a girl breathe," the ex replied before explaining that Mandy's daughter was being stalked by King.

"About a month ago maybe 2 now does Stacey remember a white SUV stalking her taking the kids to school and back?" she asked. "Apparently she was looking right at the car but didn't recognise.

"Can you just ask her that I wanna know if it was true then I'll send you what was happening."

Mandy said her daughter remembered, and the ex revealed it was King in the car.


"Just make sure she has moved," the ex then warned.

"If she wants to keep that child keep her away from your house."

The ex then alleged King had "made a payment to have her stomped it was ages ago".

Daniel King's social media pages show him posing with gold chains, dogs and scantly-clad women. Photo / Instagram
Daniel King's social media pages show him posing with gold chains, dogs and scantly-clad women. Photo / Instagram

However, she said the alleged hitman had taken his money and run off.

"I was with her when he was stalking her trying to find the route when this guy was going to knock her," the ex wrote.

King and the woman also allegedly discussed how to kill the unborn baby in a separate text conversation.

"It's a real baby now hey you know that?" she wrote to him.

"Like you'll have to kill her. She won't just bleed. She would have a stillborn and have to give birth to a dead baby.

"You'll have to have her stabbed in the gut that's the only way and you won't do that."

Mandy says the ex-lover sent her the messages as a warning.

Taylor told The Daily Telegraph she hadn't seen King in seven months before he showed up at their family home last night.

"He was actually sending me threats for about two to three weeks after I told him I was pregnant, accusing me that it wasn't his baby, that he wanted DNA testing, that he would go to DOCS to get me in trouble to get an abortion," Taylor told the newspaper, saying the baby was King's.

However, she told Nine King had claimed the baby wasn't his, and wanted DNA testing and an abortion.

"If I didn't, he would kill himself," she said King had threatened.

The heavily-tattooed bodybuilder's social media pages show him posing with gold chains, dogs and scantly-clad women.

Daniel King was shot dead by police. Photo / Instagram
Daniel King was shot dead by police. Photo / Instagram

It's understood King was a reserve grade rugby league player before switching to bodybuilding due to an injury.

Talking to the Men of League Foundation, which cares for members of the rugby league community who have fallen on hard times, King said he played rugby league in the reserve grade for Penrith before he twisted his neck in a tackle and suffered a delayed stroke — forcing him to hang up his boots in 2009.

According to his Instagram page, he also ran a small sportswear business.

Shocking footage from a resident near Penrith police station shows King in a shootout with several police officers — taken just moments before he was shot dead.

The woman who filmed a man approaching the police station can be heard repeatedly screaming "oh my god" in terror and her friend can be heard saying "he's shooting the f***ing police".

"Look I'm telling you, this is happening … this is unfolding right in front of my eyes," the woman behind the camera says. "I'm not even joking, literally … (gasps) oh my god, oh my god."

The footage — reportedly filmed from a dance studio opposite Penrith police station — also shows the man falling to the ground amid a hail of gunfire.

Police allege the incident began when the gunman opened fire on a home on Quakers Rd in Marayong about 8.45pm yesterday using a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun.

Cops have also confirmed that at 9.15pm, a number of shots were fired into the front of St Marys Police Station.

Shortly after, about 9.35pm, a vehicle stopped outside Penrith Police Station where a man armed with a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun, approached a police vehicle and fired a number of shots at police officers.

A male constable received pellet wounds to the back of the head. He was taken to Westmead Hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

Police returned fire and the man was shot dead at the scene.

Several other officers sustained minor non gunshot-related injuries.

A critical incident investigation team from the State Crime Command's homicide squad will investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The gunman took aim at Penrith and St Marys police stations. Photo /
The gunman took aim at Penrith and St Marys police stations. Photo /

Just before the incident, the gunman was seen walking calmly up the street before shocking footage from nearby residents shows him exchanging gunfire with cops on the street.

"[He was] just walking, nice and calm, he wasn't angry, he was relaxed," Mick Lumtin, who was hosting the local trivia night at the Australian Arms Hotel on High St, an eye witness told The Daily Telegraph.

"Police started yelling 'drop the gun, drop the gun'," one witness told Network Ten.

Footage posted online and broadcast in part by the Seven showed a man in a black T-shirt with a gun being shot multiple times.

Witnesses at the nearby hotel, which was in lockdown, told Seven they saw a volley of gunfire involving about 25 shots.

Pub patrons said they saw police drag a motionless man into the station and a second person fled, sparking a manhunt.

Police have confirmed the second person was a witness running away from the gunfire and is not being treated as suspect.

Deputy Commissioner Jeff Loy of NSW Police Metropolitan Field Operations told reporters that the officers involved had shown "care and empathy" for the alleged gunman, by dragging him inside the station after he was shot.

He said it is too early to know the man's motivations for the three shooting events, but described their criminality as "extreme".

"It's a very unusual event. It's something that really does concern us ... to shoot upon police ... (and) force police to protect themselves and return fire is very concerning," he said.

On 2GB this morning, he added that initial inquiries suggest the shooter was not a licensed gun owner and he praised the police officers involved for their bravery.

"They have shown extreme courage," he said. "And, they are shaken as you expect them to be."

It's understood an officer performed CPR on the man before nearby paramedics arrived to assist.

A local resident, who only wanted to be identified as Roy, told Nine he was lying in bed when he heard the gunfire.

"I heard three loud bangs. It sounded like it was fire crackers," he said.

"You wouldn't think it would happen with a police station right next door. It's getting a bit past a joke around the area nowadays."

A police spokesman said riot squad officers had been deployed in the area.

A report will be prepared for the coroner.

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