WARNING: Graphic content

A video has gone viral of a Saudi Arabian man in his 20s filming himself repeatedly firing a gun beside a baby's head in celebration before placing the pistol inside of its mouth.

The horrifying video captures a man named Riyadh who has been identified as the child's brother.

Another man is heard to be telling Riyadh to "make the baby smell the gun powder," as he places the pistol inside his baby brothers mouth.


The video has circulated on social media initiating Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Labour to ask "anyone who knows any details" to contact the Center for Domestic Violence Reporting.

Riyadh has now been arrested, police spokesman Chaker Sulaiman told online newspaper Sabq.

"He (the suspect) is in his 20s. He was arrested and the gun used in the incident was seized. Legal procedures have been taken against him," Sulaiman said.

He is believed to be facing charges of putting a child at risk and violating the country's gun system, Gulf News reported.

The Saudi Arabian man has now been arrested.
The Saudi Arabian man has now been arrested.

The gun seen in the video has also been seized by police as the investigation continues he added.

The celebratory shooting of firearms is against the law in Saudi Arabia as stray bullets have previously resulted in injury and accidental death.

In July, three bullets were misfired at a wedding resulting in the Indian groom being killed and his brother left fighting for his life.

The catastrophic incident happened minutes after the groom exchanged garlands with his bride at the ceremony in the north-eastern city of Patna.


The exchange of flowers was meant to signify the couple's acceptance of the marriage and the beginning of their new life together.