A motorway in the UK was closed for hours after a collision between two trucks caused one of them to spill 32,000 litres of "concentrated gin" onto the road.

The M6 northbound carriageway was closed between junctions 19 and 20 right on peak rush-hour traffic, around 5.30pm on Wednesday (local time).

Because the spillage was highly flammable, fire crews had to douse the road with foam.

"The M6 northbound in Cheshire is closed between junctions 19 and 20 due to a collision," Highways England said, warning drivers of the incident.


"A diversion route is in place: Exit the M6 at junction 19 and join the A556 northbound towards Altrincham. Then join the M56 westbound towards Runcorn, to then rejoin the M6. Follow the solid black square diversion symbol."

The spillage was not just an incredibly sad waste: it also caused hours of traffic chaos for commuters.