Shane Morris has shared in a Twitter thread about how what started as an innocent road trip with a friend saw him scamming a gangster drug dealer out of a massive brick of heroin.

In the viral thread, Morris goes into detail about his road trip and how he nearly ended up getting himself murdered by a gangster.

"Y'all wanna hear a story about the time I accidentally transported a brick of heroin from Los Angeles to Seattle? I bet," he posted.

And so begins the best story you'll read today.


Over 90 tweets, Morris details the events that led to him and his friend selling their motorbikes and buying a van for their trip.

Morris describes all the great things that made the trip so epic.

Right until the point he found himself the target of a big drug dealer.

When they pull over to fix something that was wrong with the car, they found the big brick of heroin wrapped in tin foil.

"I get the brick untaped, and then undo like seven layers of foil. They used a LOT of foil on this thing. What I found was a white, perfectly shrink wrapped brick. I thought it was coke, so I cut open a bit of the corner, put some on my finger, and rubbed it on my gums," he describes.

"If you've ever done coke, you know it's kinda hot, and then it makes your gums numb. This definitely wasn't coke, and I'm not the type of dude who does heroin. (Just, don't do heroin. Seriously. It's no good.)"

After finding the brick of heroin in the van, the terrified men found a way to get rid of it.

It all turned sour again when the owner of the heroin brick decided to get in touch to get his van back.


We won't spoil it for you but the whole thread is definitely worth reading in full - just click on the first tweet above and you'll see the full thread. Get yourself a cuppa, it's quite a long read.

In the end, Morris explains why he now decided it's safe to share the story, which happened in 2017.

No one can be sure whether or not the story is 100 per cent factual. It's a great read, regardless.

According to Morris, his viral thread has already been spotted by a Hollywood director who has been in touch to turn it into a film. And what a film it'll be ...