Blanche Wright was 20 when she met the love of her life. He was actually a contract killer who led her on a murder spree. And she took the fall.

Even on a night of surprises for Blanche Wright, the man in the suit stood out. She had headed across the Bronx to visit her sick aunt, but when she entered the apartment she found a roomful of people waiting for her: "Happy Birthday!" Then she was introduced to a friend of her aunt's, an impeccably dressed lawyer from Philadelphia.

He seemed sophisticated, with a three-piece suit and a briefcase.


"He was my Prince Charming"


A childhood lost

"The craziest killer I've ever seen"

Cocaine and crime

"If he moves, shoot him"

The Diplomat Towers

Mute and resigned to her fate

The jock strap rebellion

"I'm a monster. I deserve to be here"

A campaign for parole