Harrowing details have emerged of the last moments of the young family and their friend found dead in Australia's Outback.

Two parents, aged 19, and their 3-year-old boy, along with a 12-year-old family friend, were found dead in the Northern Territory this week, 4.5km from their car, which had broken down.

The bodies of the family were found on Wednesday and the 12-year-old boy was found the day after, 120 metres away.

Their trip was meant to be a five-hour commute but the broken down car meant they spent five days in the merciless Outback.


Their deaths have been attributed to hyperthermia and starvation.

Police are continuing to search the remote region for any other passengers.

The group was travelling from the remote indigenous community of Willowra to Jarra Jarra, 500km north of Alice Springs.

However, roughly halfway through the five-hour trip, their car broke down.

The teenage parents left morsels of food and water at their abandoned car and attempted to find help in a community 18km away.

They didn't make it.

A "distraught" man at an Aboriginal health clinic in remote Willowra raised the alarm after finding the bodies on Wednesday.

The governing Central Desert Regional Council has offered their sympathy to the communities affected while saying the incident was "a timely reminder of the harshness of the Australian outback".

There was no mobile coverage where their car broke down and the temperatures have reached 40C in the area this week.

Police are still continuing precautionary land and air searches to rule out anyone else being stranded in the Outback, according to The NT News.

Police will prepare a report for the coroner while they scour the area.

Investigators were only able to arrive at the scene on Thursday due to flooding and the remoteness of the area.