The suspect in the Trader Joe's hostage situation is now in custody, police say.

Police believe a man involved in a standoff with officers at a Los Angeles supermarket had shot his grandmother and girlfriend before firing at officers during a pursuit, then crashing outside the supermarket and running inside the store.

Officer Mike Lopez, a police spokesman, says the man had fled from the scene after the Saturday afternoon shooting in South Los Angeles.

He says officers tried to pull the man over and were led on a pursuit. Lopez says the suspect shot multiple rounds at officers during the chase but no officers were struck.


At least one officer returned fire.

Lopez says the man crashed outside of a Trader Joe's supermarket in Silver Lake and then ran into the store.

Video footage at the scene shows several hostages have left the Trader Joe's store at Silver Lake, walking out with their hands up.

A woman believed to have been shot was dragged away from the entry while unconscious.

The LAPD then said that the suspect was in custody, CNN reported.

CBS reported that a man had shot his grandmother and girlfriend in south Los Angeles and was then chased by police. He allegedly shot at officers.

He crashed his vehicle, got out and ran into the store, LAPD Officer Mike Lopez told CNN.

Video shot from a helicopter showed armed officers carrying shields outside the store and a man walking out with his hands up.

The video also showed officers carrying a person who appeared to be injured, as well as people climbing out of a store window and down a ladder.

Devin Field, a writer for the Jimmy Kimmel Live! was walking into the store when the gunman crashed his car in front of the Trader Joe's entrance. Field tweeted that he hid behind a retaining wall with three policeman while the suspect shot at police.

Field apprentely spoke with employees who were able to escape the store who said the gunman walked into the store shooting. He moved hostages to the back of the shop and asked to talk to a negotiator. One employee, a former marine, helped people sneak out.

Los Angeles Fire Department spokeswoman Margaret Stewart told CNN a 20-year-old female patient had been taken to hospital in a fair condition. She was removed from a vehicle, not the inside of the store.

"We are on standby and prepared to support but no confirmation how many patients may be inside," Stewart added.

CBS reported that police on scene say the man may be holding as many as 30 people hostage inside the store. Firefighters are preparing to treat multiple patients, but say they are still unsure how many there are.