The secret hideaway of the matriarch of Australia's infamous incest clan has been revealed, after she ditched the family's bush camp and moved to a farm.

It has now been six years since child protection services saved a dozen kids from the Colk family tents and caravans in Boorowa, western New South Wales.

The children were found living in a putrid bush camp in horrible conditions. Few of them even knew how to use toilet paper.

Eleven of them were inbred.

The rural property on which the Colt 'incest family' was living had no toilets or showers. Photo / Supplied
The rural property on which the Colt 'incest family' was living had no toilets or showers. Photo / Supplied

Details of the last five years of the life of the mother-of-13 Betty Colt have now surfaced.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Colt "shacked up with refugees and wannabe migrants inside a detention centre" and even developed a friendship with a young model before embarking on a 1000km journey west of the family's base.

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Colt now lives at a farm in South Australia, several hours north of Adelaide, with one of her daughters, now 34, and two other young male relatives.

Locals told the Daily Mail the family have a long history of picking fruit in the area.

They haven't always lived there though.

Back in 2015, the mother was locked in a Sydney immigration detention centre, despite having lived in Australia most of her life, since her family moved from New Zealand when she was a young girl.

In 2015, however, the Australian government had plans to deport her to New Zealand, where her family moved from in the 1970s.


At the immigration detention centre, she befriended a young model who was also facing deportation.

The woman, who asked not to be named, now works as a Sydney model and is an aspiring actress.

"I can assure you (Betty Colt) is a very nice person," she told Daily Mail Australia.

The model said she was shocked when she learned of the family's long-running incest drama.

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She said Betty Colt denied it and their friendship persists to this day.

"Last time she (messaged) me was on March 30 (this year) saying 'happy Easter babe,'" the model said.

Colt ended up escaping deportation and left the centre in November 2015.

She moved in with her daughter, Raylene Colt, 34, and at least two younger male relatives.

Social media posts revealed incest was still on her mind.

A comment by Colt on a news story on Facebook about a mother and son who wanted a romantic relationship shows her thoughts on the matter.

"That is sad," she wrote.

When the Daily Mail visited her farm this week, she was nowhere to be found but a cross-eyed relative confirmed Betty has been living in the property.

He didn't have much more to say though: "Get the f*** off my property or I'll set the dog on you," he added.