Terrifying video has emerged of climbers being submerged by an avalanche in Kyrgyzstan.

In the video, eight climbers are attempting their ascent of Lenin Peak when snow and ice completely submerges them.

The avalanche heads straight towards the group who, astonishingly came out of the ordeal alive.

The climbers can be seen trying to scamper away from the onrushing avalanche, which gathers momentum as it hurtles down the face of the mountain towards the climbers.


All eight - six from Germany and two from Switzerland, according to the man behind the lens, Magnus Lindkvist from Sweden - survived, although they lost equipment.

Lindkvist can be heard shouting "Helvete, helvete", which translates to, 'Oh hell', as the wall of snow approaches.

Lindkvist captured the shocking footage from Base Camp 2, which is 53m above sea level, in July.

According to Lindkvist, the eight abandoned their ascent of Lenin Peak, which reaches 7134m above sea level, and continued their journey at a lower altitude.

In a separate online post, Lindkvist and his team were climbing through the same spot where the avalanche had struck only 45 minutes earlier.

Previous attempts to conquer Lenin Peak have ended in tragedy.

In 1990, an avalanche killed more than 40 climbers at Base Camp 2.