Schapelle Corby's family gathered at her mother's suburban home south of Brisbane as the location of the convicted drug smuggler remained a mystery.

Corby arrived in Brisbane early yesterday following her deportation from Bali, where she'd spent 12 years after being jailed for smuggling 4.1kg of marijuana.

While the 39-year-old's location in Queensland was unclear, her sister Mercedes and aunt Jen arrived at mother Rosleigh's house in Loganlea since Corby's return.

Mercedes arrived in one of the black SUVs that led media on a wild goose chase from Brisbane Airport, with private security guards quickly ushering her into the home past waiting media. A car with family friends later arrived, with a man donning Halloween masks to greet them and later let them out of the home.


Other people inside the house have spent time using mobile phones to film the media as visitors have come and gone from the property.

Aunt Jen's arrival with two others strengthened the likelihood of a family party to celebrate Schapelle's homecoming being held at the property. "Yay. So happy, she's finally home in Australia," Jen told media.

Earlier, a statement from the Corby family was read by one of their security team members at the airport. "It is with gratefulness and relief that we mark Schapelle Corby's return to Australia," the statement said. "We would like to say thank you to Schapelle's supporters for all the faith, love and support they have shown over the years.

"To all those in Australia and to all of those in Bali, who were there throughout the difficult journey, your support has not gone unnoticed."

The family has asked for privacy as she tries to settle back into life in Queensland.

"The priority of our focus will now be on healing and moving forward," the statement said.

A large media contingent was waiting for Corby to emerge from her flight, but she left the airport via a non-public exit less than half an hour after her flight arrived.

Schapelle Corby with her sister Mercedes Corby. Photo / AAP
Schapelle Corby with her sister Mercedes Corby. Photo / AAP

Two convoys, followed by the media, left the airport, and took separate routes. One ended at the Sofitel Hotel in the city, while the other was stopped at the KFC store at Ormeau, en route to the Gold Coast. Corby was not seen in either. Queensland Police said they had not provided an escort for the convoys.


Corby had been expected to travel on a Virgin flight that left Bali on Saturday night, with up to 40 media booked on board.

But her security team made a last-minute switch to put her on a Malindo Air flight, leaving most of the media stranded on the wrong flight. A Channel Nine crew was on board the Malindo flight.

Fellow passengers said they were held back from boarding and getting off the plane until Corby was sorted. "They said that the special guest had to get off first, they blocked everyone from business class," one passenger said.

Corby served almost 10 years in Kerobokan jail, before being on parole for a further three years.

Schapelle has lots to catch up on

A lot has happened since Schapelle Corby was convicted of smuggling more than 4kg of marijuana in her boogie board bag.

Media crew outside the residence of Rosleigh Rose, mother of Schapelle Corby in Loganlea, south of Brisbane. Photo / AAP
Media crew outside the residence of Rosleigh Rose, mother of Schapelle Corby in Loganlea, south of Brisbane. Photo / AAP

Australia has sworn in five prime ministers. Brangelina split. And avocados became the scapegoat for millennials not buying homes.

But it appears Corby has wasted no time in getting up-to-date with the outside world via social media. Corby has created Instagram and Snapchat accounts to share her homecoming with the world.

Her debut gram, a photo of her two dogs Luna and May, was posted from her Kuta home only hours before she was picked up by a police convoy to begin her trip home to Australia. It has already gathered more than 7000 likes. "Going to miss these two. My puppies #Luna&May," Corby posted.

Her second post, which appeared after she was whisked away by police, shows her "Bali family", including sister Mercedes and brother Michael Corby.

"Big thank you to my Bali family, neighbours and my brother in law Wayan," she wrote.

She then posted a series of pictures, including one of her parole papers. The account had reached more than 97,000 followers since yesterday morning.

Corby has also taken to social media app Snapchat to thank her supporters. "Thank you for all the love and support everybody x", she wrote.

Some members of the public were quick to throw support behind the 39-year-old. "Good job girls. Stay strong ignore the haters. Welcome back to the Gold Coast Shappelle," one supporter said on Instagram. "Welcome home @schapelle.corby and don't let a**holes take away the joy you must be experiencing! Enjoy every second of it!!!!!" Another user said.