A victim of notorious paedophile Michael Guider, who was responsible for the death of Bondi schoolgirl Samantha Knight, has pleaded for the "monster" to never be released.

Chantelle*, now 28, was just six when she and a friend were drugged, molested and photographed by Guider over a two-day period.

Her report to police put the repeat offender behind bars and eventually helped solve the mystery of nine-year-old Samantha's disappearance, which haunted Sydney in the mid-1980s.

Speaking for the first time to 60 Minutes, Chantelle said she writes letters to the parole board every year to remind them of Guider's horrific crimes.


"He's a predator, he's a repeat offender," she told the Channel Nine program.

"The only reason he hasn't offended in the past 20 years is because he was locked safely behind bars. He can't get out. I'll do anything I can to keep him locked up."

Some friends and family members aren't aware of what Charlotte endured as a child, she said. Breaking her silence was part of a bid to ensure Guider, who will soon be eligible for parole, isn't released from prison.

Guider's modus operandi was to put the prescription drug Normison in Coca Cola and give it to his victims, Detective Chief Inspector Darren Sly said.

"He chose his victims, the young children, very carefully and in particular he preyed on single parents," he said. "He was able to gain their trust very quickly and access their children."

After he was arrested, police found thousands of photographs depicting Guider's abuse of nine girls and two boys.

He had also collected newspaper clippings about Samantha's disappearance, making him a person of interest in the investigation.

On August 19, 1986 she left her home in Bondi Beach and was never seen again.
While in prison serving a sentence for 75 child sex abuse charges, Guider formed a friendship with a fellow prisoner and eventually made a gruesome confession.

Frank Soonius, who was serving an 11-year sentence for drug trafficking, told 60 Minutes that Guider admitted to snatching Samantha and taking her to a shed, where she was drugged and molested.

Chantelle was one of Michael Guider's last victims. She has pleaded he never be released from prison. Photo / 60 Minutes
Chantelle was one of Michael Guider's last victims. She has pleaded he never be released from prison. Photo / 60 Minutes

"He said that she woke up because she was in pain and said 'Michael, what are you doing?' so she recognised him. He gave her another drink with another tablet and she fell asleep again."

He then left and came back two hours later, Soonius revealed.

"He said he found Sam laying on the couch and she was dead," he said.

Guider claimed to have buried her body nearby, but became nervous and returned 18 months later to dig up the remains.

"He said he put her in a big garbage bin ... and he drove her to the place where the rubbish goes and it was taken away," Soonius said.

Detective Chief Inspector Sly doesn't believe that claim.

"He just won't tell us. (He has) something to hide or he's just so scared that once he delivers that one final piece of information he has nothing more to offer to anyone."

Soonius also isn't sold on Guider's claims and believes the predator strangled Samantha after panicking that she had woken up.

In 2002, Guider cut a deal and pleaded guilty to manslaughter, claiming Samantha had died in an overdose accidental. He was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

"I could've easily been that child, and that's just terrifying," Charlotte said.

"Thank God it wasn't me, and (it's) horrible for Samantha and her family. That's why he should never get out.

"It still hurts but I've got a good life now. I forgive him because I don't want him in my life and me carrying around a hate towards him won't let it go. I'll do anything I can to keep him locked up.

If she was still alive, Samantha would've turned 40 a few days ago. Her body has never been found.