It appears Twitter has become a double-edged sword for President Trump.

His own account spearheaded his political campaign, but following his inauguration, a number of accounts dedicated to revealing the "real" Donald Trump have emerged.

@RoguePOTUSStaff, claiming to be "the unofficial resistance team inside the White House" has quickly gone viral, amassing over 400,000 in just five days and encouraging followers to "resist".

Although there is no way to verify the identity of its creator, the tweets allege concerning behavior by the President within the confines of the White House, Daily Mail reports.


The users assert that they are "risking their jobs" to provide the truth to the public about the inner workings of Trump's administration.

The account's most popular tweets address the controversial new immigration ban, which has sparked protests around the world.

One tweet shows an supposed image of the bill, which makes several references to 9/11 - though none of those involved in the terror attacks were from the banned countries.

However, the image cannot be confirmed and it is unclear if this is the official document of Trump's Executive Order.

Another tweet sparks suspicion that Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is pulling the strings behind Trump's response to national protests to exhibit more power.

It appears that the tweets are being taken very seriously, as the users revealed a number of messages from Twitter asking if they've forgotten their password - indicating that someone has been trying to access their account.

They stated: "This starting to get scary. Four of these messages in the inbox today. Not indications yet that POTUS is aware of this acct, but someone is."

The tweets have shed light on the possible future acts of the President, after he made a number extreme changes to US policy just days into his presidency.


One such rumor circulating is that he will change an Obama administration LGBT order that created workplace protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

This is one instance where the account negates itself - originally tweeting that the rumors were true, and to expect anti-LGBT legislation by the end of the week.

A few hours later, it retweeted an article by the New York Times, and stated: "After the enormous pressure from the past several days, POTUS repudiates VP, reverses course on LGBT EO. #resistwin."

A few of the tweets speak to the nature of Trump's mental state during his first two weeks as President, and the residual effect on the White House staff.

The account stated that Trump reportedly said, "Why should I give a damn about muzzie canucks?"

The term refers to Muslim Canadians, and was tweeted the day after the shooting at a mosque in Quebec, which killed six Islamic men.


Some tweets spoke to Trump's alleged displease with the protests against his controversial policies, while another revealed he allegedly said he wants to be "the president who will be remembered as a King."