An elderly American dementia patient was flown to Britain and dumped in a car park by his family, the Daily Mail reports.

Roger Curry was taken from his home in Los Angeles by his wife and son to the UK where he was abandoned without identification in November 2015.

The 76-year-old was found at Hereford bus station in the company of two men who flagged down a passing ambulance.

As paramedics assessed him, one of the men - described as having an American accent, but younger than Mr Curry - vanished from the scene.


Curry was cared for at a nursing home while police and social services spent months trying find out who he was.

The pensioner was finally flown back to America eight months later and is now under the care of health authorities in Los Angeles.

According to an investigation by the BBC1 programme Panorama, being screened tonight, court papers filed in Los Angeles state: "In late 2015 Curry was taken surreptitiously to England by his wife Mary Curry and his son Kevin Curry and abandoned there."

The mystery surrounding Curry's identity led to numerous theories as to how he ended up in a Hereford car park.

He appeared to have been well looked after and was dressed from head to toe in new clothes from Tesco.

As reported in the Daily Mail last March, he was called Roger by staff caring for him after they heard him use the name Roger Curry. But police didn't know whether that was his real name or not.

The pensioner told doctors and care home staff he was not from the area and had been "training" nearby, but said little else.

Police even contacted veterans' organisations in case Curry was a former serviceman.

Last year Sergeant Sarah Bennett of West Mercia Police said: "We have a possible name but we have nothing else.

"We have no identity documents, no indication of where he's from or any family.

"We've trawled through the CCTV. We've also contacted the National Crime Agency. We've gone to Interpol.

"We've done a fingerprint search, we've done a DNA search and that hasn't yielded any results."

However, the clue to his identity came following a police appeal on BBC Midlands in March last year.

After watching the news report, viewer Debbie Cocker searched the internet and found an old picture that looked like a younger version of the unidentified man.

The photo came from a 1958 yearbook for Edmonds High School in Washington State and it showed an 18-year-old student called Roger Curry.

Investigators then tracked down the Roger Curry pictured in the yearbook to a burnt-out house in an affluent suburb of Los Angeles.

After being shown photographs, neighbours identified the mystery man as Mr Curry - a former nurse who is married with two children.

They then told how his family had been hit by tragedy.

In November 2014 the family's house burnt down in the middle of the night.

Neighbours did not see them again until August 2015, when they found Mr Curry and his wife - who is also ill - camping out in the yard of their burnt-out house.

Their son Kevin had been bringing them food and they appeared to have been locked in behind the fence around the house.

Neighbour Zenia Leon told Panorama that emergency services were shocked by what they found.

She claimed they overheard the couple discussing what had happened, and said of Mr and Mrs Curry: "They were talking together and they said they were here the night the house burnt down."

Miss Leon said Mr Curry was upset about his circumstances, adding: "He was in tears. This is a big, burly macho man in tears saying, 'Who does this to their parents?'."

Kevin Curry told Panorama, which is being screened tonight, that he had nothing to do with the abandonment of his father in England.

He said his father became ill when they were visiting England on holiday and that he asked a friend to take him to hospital.

But he could not explain why he had left Mr Curry in England for eight months without telling anyone who he was.

Because of the high cost of care in America, elderly people are sometimes abandoned at hospitals in a practice called granny-dumping.

A man in his fifties from Taunton, Somerset, was arrested last April on suspicion of kidnapping Mr Curry. He is on police bail and has not been charged.