A besotted schoolgirl has vowed to wait for a 24-year-old Facebook groomer who tried to father a child with her - despite a judge banning contact until she turns 19.

The 14-year-old wants to be reunited with convicted robber David Tawse when a restraining order against him is lifted in five years' time, a court heard.

Tawse secretly filmed himself having sex with the girl and, despite his victim's pleas, refused to wear a condom because he wanted her to bear his child.

Teesside Crown Court was told the girl did become pregnant by Tawse but had an abortion.


Her abuser has now been jailed for 46 months after admitting four charges of sexual activity with a child.

Despite the sentence, Prosecutor Paul Newcombe revealed that in a victim impact statement the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she would "soon be older and would wait for him."

But Judge Sean Morris ruled that "young girls often had to be protected against themselves" and made a restraining order banning Tawse from contacting his victim for five years.

The judge said it was persistent offending over a period of time, and Tawse had taken the photograph without his victim knowing.

The judge added: 'It is a common thing that is happening between young people and it causes tremendous upset.

"She was still a child and needed protection from herself by the courts, and young men should stay away.'

The judge was told Tawse had served a 12-month jail sentence for robbery and had a conviction for possession of drugs.

Tawse met his victim at her home in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, while her parents were away, the court heard, having spent time grooming her on Facebook.


He first contacted the girl last year with flattering comments about her photograph.

She told him she was 14 but he pleaded that he was lonely and made her feel sorry for him.

Despite knowing her age, he repeatedly met up with her for sex, which he filmed and later used the footage to force the girl into continuing the relationship.

The court heard Tawse had lied to his own parents about the girl's age, telling them she was 18.

But Tawse's mother was still suspicious and warned the girl to stay away from her son, it was said.

They split up in July last year because the girl suspected Tawse was cheating but was terrified her family and school friends would see the footage and sexting messages.

The court heard that when police become involved the pair planned to run away together.

Tawse was arrested in November after the officers intercepted a plan to travel north with the girl by train from Middlesbrough railway station.

Tawse, formerly of Stokesley but now of Thirsk, North Yorkshire, was jailed for 46 months after admitting four charges of sexual activity with a child.

He also admitted making an indecent image of a child and an abduction charge relating to the plot to run away with the girl. He was ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

Robert Mochrie, mitigating, said even though Tawse had been in custody the girl continued to show a degree of interest in him.

He added: "He should never have contacted her in the first place but she seems to have been a very willing if below the legal age participant."

The case sparked a police warning to parents today that many children groomed for sex refuse to believe they are victims.

Detective Constable Neil Brodhurst, of North Yorkshire Police, said: "This is a typical case of an older male grooming a young girl online for the purpose of sexual gratification.

"It reiterates why we should all be alert to the signs of sexual grooming. Often children in such a situation do not believe they are a victim.

"As adults, it is all our responsibility to reinforce safety messages to our children and be alert to the signs of online grooming, inappropriate relationships and child sexual exploitation."