A man has been attacked and killed by a 3.5 metre saltwater crocodile in Australia's Northern Territory.

The man and two others were attempting to walk across Cahill's Crossing, an area notorious for crocodiles, ABCNews reports.

At the time of the attack the NT Government's road report website said only high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicles should cross the area.

"Cahill's Crossing is notorious for crocodiles and to walk across it to me is just foolishness," NT Police Duty Superintendent Bob Harrison said.


There are warning signs advising people not to enter the water.

The Alligator River was the subject of media reports earlier this week when a Darwin resident spotted two giant crocodiles fighting over a dead buffalo in the water.

Last October, footage of a woman shooing a crocodile away using her jandal at Cahill's Crossing went viral.