A new app will give Catholics to confess their sins with the help of their smartphones.

The Catholic App, developed by Musemantik, is being launched in Scotland aiming to boost Mass attendance and Confession numbers by plotting interactive maps and showing users where their nearest church is located for a quick trip.

It is already being dubbed 'Sindr' in a play on the dating application Tinder and the user's ability to scroll through parishes in their area.

Dr Maciej Zurawski, founder Musemantik, said: 'Websites are losing popularity.


"What is needed to engage with the mobile generation is an app that is smart and personal, an app that is like a companion, a friend that takes the initiative to inspire you - that's the vision behind The Catholic App."

Listed on a website dedicated to the app, which is set to be launched in early 2017, the benefits to users include finding their nearest Holy Mass and Confession at the tap of a button.

Parishes are all plotted on an interactive map and users are even given weekly spiritual inspirations delivered directly to their phone or tablet.

The app also claims to be of benefit to dioceses by increasing the number of Catholics attending churches.

Developers say it will help younger Catholics - particularly in the age group 18 to 55 - to be more engaged in dioceses, as they most utilise smartphones and tablets as well as saving on printing costs.

Among the weekly inspiration quotes is: 'Only when we meet the living God in Christ do we know what life is.'