It sounds like the stuff of science fiction, but researchers in the United States have found that injecting young blood into old bodies gives them quite the pep-up.

Health research company Alkahest has also been "stitching old and young mice together" to see the effects this has on the ageing process. Interestingly, the young mice showed signs of brain ageing while the older were rejuvenated.

Following on from this, the company began injecting blood from 18-year-old humans into ageing mice and have found that this, too, has the power to rejuvenate, according to Science Alert.

Alkahest scientist Sakura Minami told New Scientist that treated mice started running around in open spaces like younger mice. Their memories began to improve and they became more adept at navigating mazes than untreated mice.


"Young human plasma improves cognition," she said. "Their memory was preserved."

The company hopes to translate its findings into an anti-aging treatment for people, and has also started a trial of young blood in people with Alzheimer's disease.