Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has retweeted and responded to a Wikileaks tweet, warning Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that the online publishing platform is "just getting started".

Wikileaks has returned to the limelight in recent months due to its comments and promise of information in regards to the presidential election.

According to the Washington Post, starting in late July, the organisation released more than 19,000 emails showing that the Democratic Party had secretly conspired to thwart the campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

WikiLeaks did not disclose the source of the emails; the US Government claims Russian hackers were responsible.


Since posting that scoop, which led to the resignation of party chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, founder Julian Assange has seemed to align himself closely with the Trump campaign, routinely promoting anti-Clinton memes and conspiracy theories and teasing further anti-Clinton leaks.

Dotcom also recently claimed WikiLeaks was the "hottest place on the internet," and was exposing Clinton's "dirty politics."

WikiLeaks has long sought expanded privacy rights and a diminished role for the US abroad - strongly opposing secret wiretaps, drone strikes, and the Guantanamo Bay prison facility.