Donald Trump appeared to have a case of the sniffles at the first presidential debate, and social media is losing its mind.

The Republican nominee could be heard sniffing during his opening statements about boosting jobs, and Twitter users were falling over themselves to express their concern.

It would be fair to say some seemed slightly disingenuous as they raised fears over Trump's health following his rival Hillary Clinton's well-publicised bout of pneumonia.

The Democratic nominee, on the other hand, appeared the picture of health, after she was forced to take a few days off the campaign to recover. Was it all "an incredible strategy" to pass on her illness to Trump, as some surmised?


If so, this presidential campaign may have finally reached peak political cunning.

Others managed to create a drinking game out of how many times Clinton was apparently interrupted by Trump:

The Democratic nominee's disparaging looks at her opponent divided opinion:

And let's wrap up with a reflection on the value of social media from Clinton: