Mark Tromp has been found safe but police are still investigating his family's bizarre road trip during which the Victorian berry farmer went missing and his wife and a daughter were hospitalised with trauma.

Two of Mr Tromp's three adult children, Mitchell and Ella, gave a press conference at their Silvan home yesterday to say they were elated their dad had been found safe on Saturday in Wangaratta.

But the pair said they were still very confused about what prompted their family of five to get in the car a week ago, eventually sparking a missing persons search. Ella said: "I think our state of mind wasn't in the best place."

Mr Tromp and his wife Jacoba drove off to NSW with their children Riana, Mitchell and Ella last Monday. By Tuesday, all three children abandoned the trip and authorities were called in to investigate, finding the Silvan home unlocked and phones and credit cards left behind.


Mitchell, who made his own way to Melbourne from Bathurst, yesterday said getting out "was the best idea at the time".

Riana and Ella left their parents near Jenolan Caves and headed to Goulburn. There the sisters split up; Riana was found "catatonic" in the back of a ute and taken to hospital, while Ella drove back to Melbourne.

Yesteray, Ella said: "I was still confused about the whole situation. But I needed to get home to feed my horses."

Jacoba Tromp was found on Thursday in Yass Hospital in an emotionally poor state.

She has since been transferred to Goulburn Hospital where Riana is also being treated.
Mitchell said yesterday "possible things" might have led to the panicked trip.

But he wouldn't comment on whether a family dispute or mental health issues were the trigger. "I can see why they want to know, but it's a family matter," he said.

He and Ella said they believed the police were still investigating, and they were letting them do it.