Spooky footage has emerged of a statue of Jesus appearing to open its eyes, with many believers claiming the spectacle is a miracle.

The Mirror reports investigators have scoured over the vision which appears to show the figure quickly open its eyes at a church in Mexico.

Social media users were quick to comment on the clip filmed in the Chapel of Saltillo, saying it was merely an optical illusion or Photoshop job.

"What a coincidence that there was someone there to record it," one person wrote.


"Totally and obviously an actor. How stupid that people are dumb enough to think otherwise," another added.

Elancasti.com.ar reports that the clip was shot last June, but has since gone viral after it was posted on paranormal website 'Adimensional' this week.

Site manager and paranormal activity expert Ivan Escamilla says more than 20 specialists, as well as priests, had spent weeks analysing the clip and found no proof it had been doctored.