1 Police threaten to sue

Police are investigating the possibility that a 9-year-old boy who drowned in a river in southern Brazil was playing Pokemon Go at the time and say they'll sue the maker of the popular mobile game if that's the case. Two nine-year-old boys were playing on rowing boats on Tuesday and one fell into the river and drowned, a police statement said. Media reports said the boys were hunting Pokemon characters, a version of events that was included in an initial military police report. Parents of the boys denied they were playing Pokemon Go. "If it was there, we'll study legal action against the app's maker, because it has no age restrictions and has already caused accidents the world over," said Antnio Carlos Ractz, chief of the civilian police in the town of Imb, Rio Grande do Sul state.

2 Pulse autopsy reports
More than a third of the 49 patrons killed during the Pulse nightclub massacre were shot in the head, and most of the victims had multiple bullet wounds, according to autopsy reports released this week. Only two victims had traces of soot, gunpowder or stippling, meaning most of the victims were likely more than 1m away when they were shot in the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history. The autopsies show that about half of the victims had five wounds or more, and one victim had 13 wounds. Gunman Omar Mateen was killed during a shootout with law enforcement officers following a three-hour standoff on June 12.

3 Risk was known
More than 10,000 pregnant women in France took Sanofi's anti-epilepsy drug Depakine between 2007 and 2014 although the risk of fetus malformation was known, according to a study quoted by Le Canard Enchaine. The weekly reported that the French Health Ministry had delayed publication of the study, which the ministry denied. French social affairs inspection agency IGAS estimates that between 2006 and 2014 some 425 to 450 babies suffered congenital birth defects or were stillborn following exposure to the drug.


4 Isis suspect arrested
German authorities have arrested a suspected high-ranking Isis (Islamic State) militant in the western town of Mutterstadt, according to a Bild newspaper report. The newspaper quoted a spokesman from the Rhineland-Palatinate Interior Ministry confirming the arrest. The newspaper said that the man had been arrested during a routine police stop.

5 Rescued from fire
A number of people remain missing after 20 residents were rescued from the windows and balconies of a burning building in Sydney's west. Paramedics treated eight at the scene and hospitalised five after the blaze started in the Villawood unit block at about 1am local time, NSW Fire and Rescue says. About 120 firefighters are still battling to contain the blaze on the top floor of the block and and Villawood road is closed.

6 Murder charges over baby

Murder charges have been filed against the Georgia parents of an infant who was taken off life support three months after she was hospitalised with devastating injuries. The

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

reports that murder warrants were secured for Jamie Cason Whited and Justin Lee Whited one day after their daughter, 5-month-old Dinah, died.

Justin Whited had been charged in the assault of Dinah, who suffered bleeding on the brain, two broken collar bones and breaks in all but three of her ribs. Jamie Whited was charged with child cruelty because authorities say she failed to protect the baby. A judged allowed the pair, in custody since April, to visit Dinah before her death because neither has been convicted in the crime and both agreed to terminate life support.