If the great Ron Burgundy had witnessed these turn of events, he probably would have said it escalated quickly and really got out of hand fast.

The driver of a NZ$356,000 McLaren got more than he bargained for after running a stop sign in Colorado, which resulted in a skateboarder being knocked from his board.

This was followed by the driver of the luxury sports car beeping at the teenager, while also delivering profanities in his direction.

The young hero/villain obviously took offence to the arrogance of the driver and responded by taking his skateboard to the windshield of the car, cracking and smashing it instantly.


As expected, the young man did the Harold Holt, running for dear life down the street with his skateboard still in hand.

Immediately following the incident, the scissor doors of the McLaren popped open and the passenger of the car was in hot pursuit.

The man filming the video focused his attention to the driver, who was assessing the damage from inside his car, before shutting the door and speeding off around the corner.

Despite being highly amusing, the video leaves questions unanswered.

Firstly, did the young man manage to outrun the McLaren passenger and keep his skateboard in hand the whole time?

Secondly, did the driver go back and pick up his friend after the chase or did he just go home to lick his wounds?

Denver Police spokesman Eranda Tiyasena said his department was aware of the incident, but no report on the incident has been filed.

"At this point they are both at fault," he told NY Daily News, referring to the apparent traffic infraction and the skater's quick revenge.