On the day that Theresa May became only the second woman to ever be Britain's Prime Minister, she probably didn't expect to be overshadowed by another female.

But the new Conservative Party leader has been forced to share the limelight with glamour model Teresa May - spelled without the "h" - after Twitter users confused her with the new PM and rushed to her page to congratulate her.

Teresa has been trending in the UK for much of the day after Andrea Leadsom withdrew from the Tory leadership race, giving the current Home Secretary Theresa a clear run at 10 Downing Street.

But the slight discrepancy in the names was lost on dozens of Twitter users, who tweeted Teresa instead, forcing her to change her bio to say "I am a UK glamour model, not the Prime Minister".


Earlier today she tweeted: "I find it quite amusing how many people think I'm the Prime Minister. Just shows how ignorant some people are."

Among Tweets ridiculing people for confusing her with David Cameron's replacement, Teresa - real named Teresa Betteridge - is also advertising pre-worn underwear for sale as well as signed topless selfies.

The online confusion was a light-hearted twist during a hectic few weeks of British politics, which culminated today as Mrs May seized the Tory crown.

Her only rival Andrea Leadsom quit before ballots were sent out to Tory Party members amid claims she was naive and too inexperienced for No 10.

David Cameron appeared later as the swansong to his premiership was brutally cut short by nine weeks.

He paid tribute to his successor as "strong, competent and more than able to provide the leadership Britain needs".

Speaking outside the Palace of Westminster after her victory was officially confirmed, Mrs May promised 'strong leadership' and vowed to make a "better Britain".