Britons living in New Zealand have only a couple of days left to enrol to have a say on whether the United Kingdom quits the European Union.

A referendum on the issue will be held on June 23 and those wanting to vote must register by Monday.

Dubbed the "Brexit", the issue is dividing voters and has pitted factions in the ruling Conservative Party against one another.

Holding the vote was an election promise Prime Minister David Cameron made in 2015, but if the voters decide on an exit, his political future will be shaky.


Former London mayor Boris Johnson is pushing for the UK to leave the EU and is using his populist message in a bid for the country's top job.

British citizens living abroad can apply to be overseas voters in the referendum.

To do so, they must have been registered to vote in the UK in the past 15 years and be eligible to vote in parliamentary general elections and European Parliament elections.

Those too young to vote when they left Britain can now do so if they migrated no more than 15 years ago and their parents or guardians were registered to vote.

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