A Sydney woman fell asleep on a train and woke to find the man in front of her seemingly trying to film up her skirt.

Tegan Portener was on a Newcastle-bound train on Thursday morning when the incident occurred.

This grub got on the train at Central and sat directly in front of me, he kept looking around suspiciously but I ignored...

Posted by Tegan Portener on Monday, 21 March 2016

She could see the man pushing the phone under the seat in her direction, as if he was trying to aim it at her.

Portener filmed the man, and posted the video to her Facebook page.


Watch the video in the player above.

"Halfway to Newcastle I woke up from a nap with my knees up in shorts and noticed he was filming me from underneath his chair. He did it for another half-hour until I finally mustered up the courage to tell him to stop," she posted on her Facebook page.

She said the "grub" had got onto the train at Central and made her suspicious when he sat directly in front of her and kept looking around.

She ignored it and then fell asleep. When she woke she realised what was happening and began filming the man himself. Then she confronted him.

"Stopped videoing because my phone ran out of memory but essentially he acted all offended and I just told him to stop and he nodded," she wrote of the incident.

Afterwards she went to the front of the train and told the driver, who contacted the police at Broadmeadow.

"I gave them these videos and they went through surveillance cams but couldn't find him so the grot is still out there potentially filming other women."

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